Mushrooms and Their Healing Powers

Mushrooms have magic. Mushrooms have other uses that food and that is for medication. Asians have been using mushrooms as medicines. Medicinal mushrooms have healing powers. Chinese are known to have used mushrooms as medicines the earliest as recorded in history. Mushrooms can not just be found anywhere. Mushrooms are now available due to processes and ways generated by Science. And because of their vast availability, mushrooms have been studied over the past decades. Three Asian countries have concluded the great benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

What are the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Medicinal mushrooms have been found to have immunological and anti cancer properties over the recent years. There are other health benefits that mushrooms offer. These health benefits have gained the interest of a lot of companies in the pharmaceutical business.

Here are the names of a few medicinal mushrooms.
What Research About Mushrooms Can Teach You

A known medicinal mushroom is turkey tail which is the common or familiar name for coriolus versicolor. Mushrooms that are clustered and has tiers, and are found on fallen branches and trees are those turkey tail mushrooms. This medicinal mushroom is multi-colored. Turkey tails are not that big in size. One of the cancer fighting mushrooms is the turkey tail mushroom. It was also found to be beneficial to cardiovascular health. Immune system enhancement are one of the benefits of turkey tail medicinal mushrooms.
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Reishi mushrooms which has for its scientific name ganoderma lucidum is one of the known medicinal mushrooms.

These type of mushrooms are striking in color and are hard in texture. These types of mushrooms have unique dwelling planes. Reishi mushrooms are of different sizes. The cap of a Reishi mushroom looks like a kidney. Reishi mushrooms, like other mushrooms, are also colorful. Reishi mushrooms are found all over the world. Two countries in Asia has Reishi mushrooms with therapeutic properties. The Reishi mushrooms from Japan and China are known to be wild mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms prevents sickness. Reishi mushrooms also contribute to cardiovascular health. Reishi improves the performance of the immune system. It is also known to be anti-HIV. This mushroom type contributes to liver health. Reishi mushroom has properties which help contribute to the respiratory system.

Zhu Ling mushrooms which has for its scientific name polyporus umbellatus is one of the known medicinal mushrooms.

Zhu Ling mushrooms are also called grifola umbellata. Zhu Ling mushrooms ranges from white to gray in color. These types of mushrooms are used for treatment of different types of cancers and illnesses.

Another known medicinal mushroom is the Hericium erinaceus which is more commonly known as spiny hedgehog mushrooms.