A few years ago we have been spoiled with a fairly sophisticated mobile phone is Blackberry. Mobile Blackberry or better known as the smartphone does have a lot of features that allows users to access the Internet, send the email via Blackberry phones, ease of opening social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Also, Blackberry also offers a chat feature which is phenomenal to date, namely the Blackberry messenger.

But over time, the Blackberry mobile phone lost its luster. Now the society is infatuated with the android phone. Android itself is a Linux-based operating system that serves as the manager of the hardware resources on mobile phones, smartphones, and tablet PCs. Android based phones can also run many chat applications like whats app, blackberry and more. In addition, we can also download many applications. For more information, check this site worryfreelabs.com

Do not stop there, android is now also beginning to spread its wings to develop many new innovations such as the present which has been present Marshmallow android 6.0, the following are some of the innovations in android 6.0 Marshmallow

  1. Android Marshmallow design

In many ways, android Marshmallow has a similar look to its predecessor the Lollipop. But the design language materials from google now becoming more widely than ever before, while others such as UI-settings, notification forms, and navigation remains the same.

  1. Lock screen

Features lock screen on the marshmallow is almost similar to that of the lollipop, complete with expandable notifications and app shortcuts. The difference, in Lollipop there is a shortcut in the bottom corner which also has a camera and call button, while on a marshmallow, a call button is replaced with voice search google.

  1. Voice search

Voice search also has a new look as well. Range point with four colors and then move as voice request is selected and then processed. Response rate varies, depending on the complexity of something sought and speed of the internet, but the result is usually appropriate.

  1. Direct share

The previous android does have multi-tasking capabilities are nice, but how it works is slow and not very intuitive. Marshmallow trying to make things more intuitive, but unfortunately not on target. Direct share is a new feature and has not applied anywhere.