A Broader Look Into Environmental Issues Our environment sustains life on earth and it has been doing so since time immemorial. None other but the humans were ordered to take charge of the environment. it is clearly known that we as humans have failed in our task of safekeeping the environment. The earth has been destroyed to an extent of which we can see the damages affecting us. Natural disasters, warming and cooling are caused by the unexpected weather patterns The planets situation is like a cry for help for people to heed environmental protection measures that will save our dying planet. Global warming is the number one concern environmental issue. The planet is warmer than usual and this is triggering certain unexpected occurrences such as melting of ice in the north and south pole. The effects of this phenomenon are seen by the rise in sea levels and death of certain animals. The expected increase in human population over the next 50 years is feared to aggravate climate warming. 50 years to come population will have increased and climate warming will brutally bare its ugly head. No one rather than humans are to blame for the Global warming disastrous effects on earth.
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Water pollution is among the types of environment pollution. Water pollution is when water masses get dirtied by toxic wastes. Sea creatures are the ones facing the brunt of the pollution as most are dying therefore their numbers in the ocean are dwindling. The aquatic life has been deeply affected by pollution on their environments that they are dying in masses therefore registering low numbers People still need to be familiarized with the importance of environment protection even though activities are being taken to save the dying species.
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Natural resources are being misused through illegal fishing, consumerism logging and mining causing limited natural endowment. Logging is the wiping out of trees that might be illegal, it also includes deforestation. hydraulic fracturing and acid drainage are activities that are carried out during mining and they normally result to environment degradation. Various organizations have been formed to deal with environmental issues. Their mandate is to address these issues through education, advocacy and activism. Environmentalism is the term that explicitly explains the environment movements that are carried out by activists who seek to create a better environment through the actions that they will carry out while socially demonstrating. Everyone should participate in tackling the environment issues. Saving our environment requires a joint effort and willpower.