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Roadside Tire Repair Tips A motorist is better on the roads when they are equipped with some general tips on how they can fix some of the common motoring challenges they are bound to experience. One of the common motoring challenges you are bound to face is the case of tire bursts and tire going flat. Such inconveniences may arise at a time when you are just out on the roads or planning to lerave for business. What would you do if you just faced such a situation? Find some tips on how you can fix your problem with tire exchange needs. You may first need to check for your emergency supplies. A number of cars today come with emergency kits such as a jack, lug wrench and a spare tire. These kits should be checked out before you hit the roads to ensure that they do not fail you when you are in such an emergency and need to use them. Ensure that they are not damaged and check the condition of the spare tire to check that it is not as well gone flat. You can imagine the inconvenience such would cause you in such circumstances. You will as such need to fix a flat spare tire and also recondition your kits like damaged lug wrenches and the jacking machine. There are other items that you may include in your emergency kits that will make the tire change much more easier and comfortable. Among these are gloves, mats , a tire gauge and tire blocks. To change your flat tire, these are the steps you will follow. First thing for you to do is to pull over to a safe place if you are on the road and experience a flat tire. Do not park around or near bends where other oncoming traffic may not be able to spot you and as such pose traffic risks. Advisably park on the straight stretches of the road to evade such fatal eventualities. Ensure that you have your hazard lights turned on so that other road users can easily identify you and the course of repair going on.
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After you have pulled over and parked to safety, you can then loosen the lug nuts using your lug wrench and thereafter lift the vehicle to height using the jack machine. To know where to accurately place the jack machine, you will refer to your car manual as different car models have their specific recommended positioning of the jack in case of use. This step completed, you can then remove the tire by having the lug nuts removed and pulling the tire out.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Vehicles